Our mission

“to enhance the minds, bodies, and spirits
of all that wish to improve their lives,
through the customized training curriculum
taught by our First-Class Martial Arts Instructors”


Our Core Values:

  • Respect – Treat others the way you would like to be treated, and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.
  • Attitude – A positive attitude creates a positive life, and positive actions create positive attitudes.
  • Power – A truly powerful person is strong in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Integrity – Pure integrity is honesty in both intention and action.
  • Discipline – Choose the path of accomplishment over the path of ease.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much do classes cost?

Our Membership Program is an all inclusive package, customized to your training needs. We also have a discounted loyalty rate available. Come in for your free evaluation course so that we can customize your training program and show you the true value of being a member of United Studios of Self Defense.

 Do I have to sign a contract?

At United Studios of Self Defense we believe students continue training with us because they love their experience, not because they are financially obligated to do so. In part, we have NO CONTRACTS, NO AGREEMENTS, and NO CANCELLATION FEES. Every student trains month-to-month and can stop their training at any time with only a 30-day written notice.

What makes USSD different from other Martial Arts Schools?

We are focused on making our students successful by creating First-Class instructors. We truly believe that the most important part of a student’s experience in the Martial Arts is the training they receive from their instructor. We have developed an exclusive Instructor Certification program to ensure that all of our Instructors are qualified to help each student reach their individual goals. All of our students receive private instruction and have access to unlimited group instruction.

Besides the focused instruction that students receive, United Studios of Self Defense also provides top-notch training facilities. Our training gear is not only affordable, it is of the best quality available. Our flexible schedules allow you to create a training program that you can stay consistent with. Age specific group classes allow each of our students to practice with appropriately sized partners.

We not only provide great features, but a terrific Martial Art. Shaolin Kempo is a broad art that allows each individual to find how it applies to them, and is regarded as one of the most practical self-defense systems.

Students at United Studios of Self Defense train with the piece of mind that there are absolutely NO HIDDEN COSTS associated with their training. There are so many more benefits that make USSD a terrific place to train, but rather than take our word, why not come in for a free evaluation course to see for yourself.

What type of Martial Art do you teach?

We teach Shaolin Kempo, which incorporates the fluid and graceful movements associated with Shaolin Kung Fu, with the more powerful movements of Kempo Karate. Japanese Jiu-Jitsu applies a ground component to the art as well.

One of the greatest components of this Art is that it truly adapts to the student (as opposed to the student having to adapt to the art). Whether you are larger or smaller, more physical or less experienced in athletics, more focused on exercise, self-defense, or inner-peace, Shaolin Kempo is for you.

But when it comes to Martial Arts, one of the most important qualities is the instructor and their ability to help you achieve your goals. Let us know what you want the Martial Arts to do for you and we will be glad to customize a program for you.

When are classes available?

We teach classes all throughout the week, and provide group classes in the evenings and on the weekends. Check out our classes pages for group class availability and our studio hours for available private lesson times.

Our group classes are all drop in classes. That means you do not need to register for specific days or call to let us know if you can’t make one. Just come into the dojo during your group class time and be ready to experience United Studios of Self Defense!

What ages do you teach?

We typically start children at 3-4 years old, although we require an evaluation lesson for all kids under 6. The evaluation is to ensure that your investment in your child will produce results. If we believe your child would benefit by waiting an additional 6 months to a year, we will let you know.

There is no age that is too late to get started however. The Martial Arts is a true “fountain of youth”. Especially at USSD where our training can be modified to accommodate whatever ailments your life’s experience has produced. While many adults wish they had started when they were younger, the journey of the Martial Arts can only begin when you put on your White Belt. A student that starts at 60 will have 10 years of Martial Arts experience by the time they reach 70, but 0 years of experience if they continue to put it off.

What should I expect during my first class?

Your first class at the dojo will be a private lesson. We will spend a few minutes getting to know you and to learn your goals. We will show you around our studio and explain some of the proper etiquettes that we follow during our training. We will then teach an introductory lesson customized to you. The introductory lesson is not only designed to introduce you to what we do, but it is the first step on your Martial Arts journey. Your next lesson will be a continuation of the first. You will also gain some knowledge so that you can participate in one of our group classes should you choose to do so. Don’t worry, all of our group classes are designed so that anyone can follow along and participate without feeling left out…and have a great time doing so.

Do you teach private lessons?

We teach private lesson and group classes. All of our students participate in private lessons, which ensures that our group classes will run smooth and be filled with lots of activity without much down time. During private lessons we partner our students up with 1-3 other students of similar rank and size so that everyone benefits from the focused attention of the instructor and the ability practice techniques safely on another individual. Plus, it’s more fun to have a training buddy that you can progress through the ranks with.

Do you offer a free trial?

YES! Our evaluation course is free and includes one private lesson and one week of unlimited group classes. We want you to make sure that United Studios of Self Defense is the right place for you before you invest in your training. Sign up here for your free evaluation course.

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